What Is HP WebInspect?

Security on the Internet is big business these days, with barely a day going past without warnings of the latest malware or phishing scam being on the news. Many home users know and understand that they need to have an up-to-date virus checker and firewall to protect their data, but businesses have significantly more data and larger potential risks than any home user.

Many corporations employ an IT department to maintain security on their systems, but they are often running at full stretch just to keep the systems running. In addition, new vulnerabilities appear every week and it is difficult to keep up with all of the latest information. On top of that, the IT department will also have to test every computer system that they support to check to possible vulnerabilities that might affect them and make arrangements to fix any issue that they identify.

The Solution
Luckily, a number of vendors are now producing great software tools that will simplify this testing process. HP WebInspect is a full-featured software package that automates vulnerability testing and discovery. This testing process works independently of the software platform that each system runs on, eliminating the need for technology experts to perform the checks on each platform.

This process of automating scans of computers will certainly save lots of time, but will also reduce the risk of human error missing a potential problem. The software will also suggest solutions to any issues that arise saving hours of research and providing a standard approach to closing any security holes.

Features of HP WebInspect
HP WebInspect uses state-of-the-art detection technology to perform thousands of different security checks. The software can also download updates from HP to ensure that it always checks for the latest vulnerabilities. By using the latest vulnerability scanning techniques and following best practice, HP WebInspect ensures that your computer systems are always as secure as possible.

HP WebInspect forms part of the HP Fortify Software Security Center, which is an integrated software suite that attempts to target and fix software security issues. This suite targets the entire range of computer systems from single servers to cloud-based application portals.

The real-time scanning function can monitor websites in real-time and report on vulnerabilities, including those present in the additional software in use on the websites. Many older automated scanning systems cannot work with JavaScript or Flash, but HP WebInspect thoroughly checks these important components of modern web servers.

Many organizations have to meet regulatory standards, such as PCI or SOX. HP WebInspect can test your computer systems to ensure full compliance with these standards and help avoid any unnecessary audit failures.

What Is Penetration Testing?
Another possible use of HP WebInspect is to perform penetration testing against your corporation computer systems. This allows full security testing from inside the company and the Internet for double the protection.

HP WebInspect is an essential tool for security professionals and for organizations that need to protect their important data from unauthorized access. By using a holistic approach it aims to find and eliminate software security faults on computer systems and uses novel scanning methods to minimize the security risks.