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The name of this site is a play on the words Technology and Perfume; hence TechFume. On this site, you will learn about many technology-related topics such as: how to keep your computer clean, types of computer viruses, how to save on conference calls, and others. You will gain more information about products and services. For instance you can read our ccleaner review or find out what our opinion of the full disk fighter is. You can read our registry cleaner reviews or find out about coolstreaming HD in our review.

This site was started by Saksham Talwar who sold it to me in May 2011. As the new owner, I intend to keep developing and popularizing this site. It is already performing pretty well in Alexa and other traffic rankings. But that is not enough. The world of technology is so diverse and deep that I think there is a lot of opportunity to do more with this site. Of course, I would be failing in my duty if I did not invite you to be part of the journey that this technology site is taking. If you would like, you are welcome to write for us.

As mentioned earlier the technology universe has become quite vast and deep. To help you navigate through that, we will bring you our opinion of the best out there. For instance, you can read about the:

As technology gets increasingly mobile and migrates to the mobile platform, we are certainly not going to be left behind. So, if you want to learn about android in general or about the android document editor in specific, this is the right place to be. We will even help you achieve specific objectives such as giving you a Samsung Galaxy S Kies install guide. You can find out about the opportunity to make free international calls with Viber android.

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Of course there are several articles on this technology blog devoted to help you make money online. This site is not a place where you would go to download make money online software, but you could still get a load of valuable information on earning online income.

I guess you get the idea. You have reached a site that will help you achieve all your techie needs. Whether you want to want to learn about going green in the workplace, or design a real cool logo, or for that matter want to learn how to control your mouse pointer using the keyboard, you are at the right place.


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