Virtual Server Hosting at Host1Plus

Host1Plus is an international hosting cloud computing technologies empowered hosting company which provides shared hosting, VPS, Linux and Windows Cloud hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated servers and domain name registration services with SSL certificates. As you can see, this company offers a variety of different hosting services. Today, we will review their VPS hosting offers.

Host1Plus offers four virtual server hosting plans to choose from. The good thing is that all of them are customizable, so you can easily change them according to your requirements. There are 5 VPS hosting server locations to choose from – US (Los Angeles, Chicago), Brazil (Sao Paulo), Germany (Frankfurt) and South Africa (Johannesburg). It’s important to note that the prices in each location could differ.

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If you would choose their cheapest virtual server hosting plan you will be amazed by its price – it costs only $2.5 USD per month. With it, you get 0.5 CPU cores, 256 MB RAM, 20 GB disk space and 500 GB bandwidth. Plans price varies from $2.5 to $5/mo according the chosen location. The cheapest ones are located in US and Germany. Also, you can choose VPS hosting in Brazil or South Africa.

If you have bigger requirements, you could look into their Silver VPS hosting plan. Its cost varies from $5 to $8 per month. What you will get for that price is 1 CPU core, 768 MB RAM, 30 GB disk space and 1000 GB bandwidth.

The third plan called Gold has 2 CPU cores, 2048 MB RAM, 40 GB disk space and 2000 GB bandwidth. Its cost reaches $21 per month, but the cheapest option (in USA or Germany location) is $15/mo. That kind of server could be used for data storage, websites, online apps hosting etc.

However, if you are looking to host a big project, depended on server resources, you should consider signing up for a Platinum plan that is the most powerful that Host1Plus can offer. Its cost varies from $40 to $50 per month and it can provide you with 4 CPU cores, 4096 RAM, 70 GB disk space and 3000 GB bandwidth. That is more than enough for a lot of different uses.

If you are worried about their general service quality, they are rated with 4.7 stars out of five in 1147 verified customer reviews. If they are satisfied then why you should not be?