Using Wikis for Corporate Collaborations

With technology increasing in mobility, versatility, and ease, many corporations are utilizing this new technology to increase productivity. With the internet offering the opportunity to work from different locations, business is often conducted across borders. When multiple workers are part of a project, it is important to offer a real-time solution for working together regardless of the workers location. One of these solutions is the use of a wiki page for collaboration.

Wiki pages are not new technology, however many companies are just now seeing the ability to utilize these pages to bring employees together. Wiki pages are websites that allow users to post and edit content in real-time. For corporate use these pages can be used as a portal for employees to exchange ideas, information and files for projects.

Internal Wikis:
In the beginning wiki pages were used as a public resource for information and idea exchange. Internet users could utilize these pages to get their expert information out to other internet users as well as correct any misinformation posted by other users.

The use of wiki pages caught on in the business world and allowed companies to create internal wiki pages hidden behind firewalls for employees to share information without emailing or handing off hard copies. This brought together employee ideas and information between departments.

As information changes, users can edit the current information posted on a wiki and update it. This is an excellent way to keep employees informed of any departmental changes, project revisions, or updated files that are needed for the project they are working on.

Securing Your Wiki Pages:
When wikis first started, security was not an issue as the primary use was to offer a public venue for information. As companies began to use wikis in everyday collaboration, security was created to keep their internal information unavailable to those outside the company.

There are many different ways to secure your wiki page for company use. One of the most popular methods is use of firewalls. By keeping your wiki page on your corporate network and firewalled, your page will only be available internally or via VPN. Internal users can access your wiki page through the corporate server to update and read the latest information.

Remote users have the ability to utilize virtual private networks to access the corporate servers and the wiki page. With mobile security increasing and the use of smartphones becoming more involved, users can even utilize their mobile phones to access the VPN. This means your employees can be informed of any changes no matter where they are.

If you choose to upload your wiki page to a domain, you can still secure the page via passwords. Your information will only be able to be accessed by those users who are registered. With registration comes the ability to allow permissions and restrictions for each user as well. If you want a department or employee to be able to see the page but not edit, you can restrict the users.

A wiki page is a great tool for companies to use when collaboration is needed on a project. With the ease of setup, security, and editing, wiki pages still have a place in business. If you are looking for a real-time solution for bringing your employees together, consider creating a wiki page for your next project.