Try The Best & Free Online Project Management Software – Ace Project

AceProject is an online project management software offering free and paid versions for users to manage their projects. It helps you to manage different projects, add colleagues (multiple users) to your project, track the project progress, etc.

AceProject is a web based tool allowing you to access your project and manage it from virtually anywhere just with an active internet connection. Ace project comes in two versions – free and paid.

The free version offers,

  • Inclusion of up to 5 projects.
  • A maximum of 5 users can be added to the project.
  • 250 MB space.
  • Up to 50 tasks can be created.
  • No setup fee.

If you own a big firm and handle many projects and have a lot of users working on your projects, I will suggest you to get a paid version. AceProject offers 4 different paid packages namely Standard, Advanced, Silver and Gold. The pricing starts from $24 / month and goes on up to $99 / month. You can choose the version you want according to your needs and how big your project is.

The paid version offers,

  • Increase in the number of users that can be added.
  • More disk space.
  • FTP Access for database files.
  • Database remote access.
  • More tasks.
  • Choice of user skins.

If you’re a non-profit organization, you get a flat 20% off on all the packages.

Have a look at AceProject features and packages.

Signing up is very simple. You just have to visit the Aceproject sign up page. Just fill in the required account details, have a look at the below screen shot for more details and click on sign up. If you prefer going premium you can alternatively buy a paid package.

After signing up you can configure your account. You can set your time zone, e-mail address, SMTP mail server, etc. You can add a custom logo to your project and you have the choice of personal skins. Each of users can use different skins depending on their choice and preferences.

Once you have configured your account, you can add new users to your project and set the areas visible and accessible to them.

You can set up a free account for yourself to try and later on buy a paid account if you’re completely satisfied with the features it offers.

Points That Make AceProject The Best Project Management Software:

Ace Project has a new mobile version that is compatible with all mobile devices and also all desktop browsers like IE, Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

AceProject’s performance is better than many others in the competition. Also AceProject is affordable and offers a free version to try it before you buy or if you have a small project.

Branding Ace Project is easy. It enables you to give your project your own custom look, colors and you can even add your own logo. This helps in maintaining your corporate image.

AceProject allows you to manage various project management aspects such as project costs, expenses, timesheets, task management, documents and more easily.

What I Like The Most: Sometimes you may need to access your project data on the go and you don’t have a laptop. Any way out? With AceProject you have a way! AceProject offers a free mobile version as well allowing you to access your projects using your mobile phone.

AceProject is compatible with all leading mobiles like iPhone, Blackberry, Android mobiles, iPad, etc.

Final Words:

If you’re looking for a project management software to manage your project, I will have to recommend AceProject. AceProject offers a lot of features, easy customization, free plans, discount for Non-profit organizations, etc. You have the freedom of choosing the plan you want. AceProject customer support is really excellent and as a result they are online from more than 10 years. They have phone support, e-mail support, live chat, etc.

AceProject allows you to directly connect with the CEO of AceProject, Daniel in case you have any problems with the service or have any query. He won’t say a NO! 🙂

Have you tried AceProject yet? Do let us know!


  1. Lita
    Jun 17, 2011

    Having worked in the construction business for the past 2 decades has me appreciating the handiness of paperless recording. As our construction company has many projects, it is hard to keep track of them without amassing a huge stack of documents. Whole rooms have been dedicated in our offices to house these documents. I think investing in programs such as Ace Project reduces the amount of paper used and you can have the information at the tips of your fingers without going thru all those dusty documents. We will surely try this software and compare it with our existing system.

  2. Elizabeth
    Jun 22, 2011

    I have heard good things about this program. Thanks for posting such a detailed and thoughtful review… I think we’re going to be really happy with it!