Top VPN Services for Denmark in 2018

A VPN is an important feature to have in today’s internet age. VPN stands for a virtual private network and it allows for your data to be encrypted between you and wherever you are connecting. It also masks your IP address to protect your privacy and location.

Denmark’s Need for VPNs

So why do you need a VPN in Denmark? Denmark has censored the internet mostly to protect against illegal activities like child pornography and the like, but the censors are far from perfect. Intentionally or not, they often block other sites that are well within the law.

In 2012, over 8000 sites including Google and Facebook were blocked for hours during a censorship gone wrong. Of course, this leads one to wonder what might be next. Other sites like torrenting, online gambling and drug sales have been increasingly been blocked as well.

Is freedom of the internet at stake? The EU has increasingly been leaning toward legislation that may require internet service providers to keep logs of the activities of their users.

Uses of a VPN

VPNs can be used to bypass geo-restrictions of content. Using a VPN and changing your IP you can now stream content meant for other countries.

VPNs can protect your devices at free hotspots. Using a VPN secures your device from whatever malicious software is on the free internet portal and protects you from hackers.

VPNs can protect your identity by masking your IP address when you are on the internet, keeping your lP address private.

VPNs can protect your activities on the internet because they encrypt data coming in and going out of your connection.

VPN can allow you to watch Danish streams of your favorite shows when you are abroad. Changing your IP address to a Danish one will bypass geo-restrictions and allow you to view the content.

Free versus Paid VPNs

Here are the differences between a free and a paid VPN:

Internet speed

If you plan to stream content in Denmark, you will find the free VPN to be slow and chunky. If you want solid fast streaming or gaming capability, you need a fast connection. Those connections come with paid service providers. Not to mention that you also have to suffer advertisements that slow down your free VPN.


A free VPN may pass your information on to third-parties. Almost all paid VPNs have no-logging policies which means that your activities are safe and anonymous. This is an important feature.

Server locations

Free VPNs have a few server locations. Connections to these servers become difficult. With good paid VPNs there are many servers and many countries to choose from. Some even have multiple servers in high demand countries.

Data encryption

Free VPNs use the most basic encryption tools which often leak your location and data. Paid VPNs use more advanced tools that protect you and your data online.

Simultaneous connections

The ability to connect multiple devices to the VPN only happens with paid subscriptions. If you have a mobile and a computer and other devices in your household this is the best option for you.

How to Choose the Best VPN for Denmark

You have decided that you do need a VPN in Denmark, after all. How do you choose from all of these providers? Here are the features you should have in a great VPN provider:

Reliable data encryption

The best protocols at the moment are OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec protocols. If you want to stay safe while streaming, gaming, or torrenting, make sure your VPN uses one of these protocols.

No log policy

Make sure your VPN service does not log your activities. Many free VPNs share your information with third parties.

Multiple VPN server choices

Having the choice of multiple servers in which to connect to in order to get content from across the world is another feature to look out for. While you still need to have a Hulu, Netflix etc., account, the content changes when you unlock the geo-restriction by changing your IP address.

Multiple connections

If you have multiple devices or are connecting your household, it is cheaper for you to use a VPN that has multiple simultaneous connections. This way you do not have to purchase multiple accounts.

Trial period

Offering you a trial period in which to test out their product or a money back guarantee is a nice feature for first time VPN users.

Top VPNs for Denmark

1. NordVPN

● Servers in over 60 countries

● 30-day money-back guarantee

● Killswitch

● Allows up to 6 simultaneous connections

● Based in Panama and keeps no logs


2. Express VPN

● Headquartered outside of EU and US area

● Offers high speeds

● 30-day money back guarantee

● Kill-switch feature

● Servers in 94 countries

● High encryption


3. IPVanish VPN

● Fast connections

● Unlimited connections

● No Logs

● Servers in 60 countries and 40,000 IP addresses



Make sure you do your research. It is important to protect yourself online and to keep your data and activities private. It also is a nice feature to be able to watch global streaming television. Enjoy!