Top Eco-Friendly Cell Phones

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 20.05.23The number of cell phones in the world has surpassed the total number of people, and we are not likely to catch up any time soon, because their numbers are growing five times as fast. This just goes to show how much we rely on cell phones for, well, pretty much everything. They have long outgrown their original purpose of a communication device, and have become so much more.

All of this begs the question of their impact on your environment. You see, the process of making cell phones involves using fossil fuels and toxic chemicals which can harm the environment in the long run, which is why their carbon footprint should also become one of the things to consider when buying a new one.

There have been some initiatives, and as a result, by 2017, a total of 400 million eco-friendly phones, which applies to those that contain more than 50% recycled materials, will be released to the market. While it’s not much when compared to over 7 billion cell phones, it’s a start, and we can do our part by buying the greenest cell phones we can find. Check out the following list for 7 best eco-friendly phones.

1.    Every Used Cell Phone

Electronic waste is no longer something we can sweep under the rug, so to speak, because there are hundreds of millions of cell phones being discarded every year. Cell phone manufacturers are releasing new models to replace the old ones as often as each 12 months, and the consumers are more than happy to chuck their old cell phones, and buy brand new ones.

And it’s not like there is anything with those “old” phones. They could have been used for years, which is why buying a used cell phone is probably the most eco-friendly thing you can do. The environmental damage is already done, let’s put it that way, and there is no reason you should add to it by buying a brand new cell phone. Check out eBay, Amazon, or Craigslist to find used and refurbished cell phones for very little money.

2.    Any Smartphone

Whether you prefer Android, iOS, or Windows Phone is irrelevant. What matters is that smartphones are capable of replacing a wide array of different electronic devices, such as portable music players, electronic organizers, watches, GPS navigation devices, calculators, digital cameras, and even e-readers. Instead of going out and buying a different device, you can simply download an app for your smartphone to expand its functionality. While your average smartphone will still make an impact on the environment, it will at least soften the blow by replacing a dozen of other devices.

3.    Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate

One of the most prominent manufacturers in terms of eco-friendliness is Samsung, which puts out numerous green cell phones all the time. One of the best models they currently make is Galaxy Exhilarate. Approximately 80 percent of this Android smartphone is made up of recycled electronic waste, which puts it at the very top in terms of greenness. In addition to that, Samsung has developed a brand new, more efficient charger to go along with it, thus further diminishing the environmental impact of their products. Needless to say, Galaxy Exhilarate is a smartphone, which means it is also a substitute for other electronic gadgets.

4.    Samsung Replenish

Another cell phone which might interest those that are environmentally-conscious is Samsung Replenish. Another Android smartphone, it contains about 82% recycled components, in addition to a plastic casing, which contains about 34% recycled materials. The phone also contains zero toxic components, such as PVC.

5.    Samsung Evergreen

The fact that there are no less than three Samsung cell phones on our list is reason enough to believe Samsung is committed to producing eco-friendly devices. The third model in question is Samsung Evergreen, which contains as much as 70% recycled plastic, and the packaging of the phone itself is made from 80% recycled paper. Those who prefer to have a phone with a physical keyboard, while still enjoying apps, will find much to like about this model.

6.    Micromax X259

Another interesting green cell phone is Micromax X259. The device is powered by solar energy, which makes is exceptionally eco-friendly. Exposing it to sunlight for about three hours allows you to talk for about an hour and a half, and among the features you will find on it are the 2.4” screen, in color, Bluetooth, camera, radio, as well as dual SIM support.

7. Your Current Phone

Yes, the one you are probably using right now. While it is hard to resist giving into the urge of buying a new cell phone, especially if everyone else around you is doing it, think long and hard about whether you actually need it or not. If your phone is still able to accomplish all that you ask of it, then the answer is probably no. Buying a new cell phone that’s going to do everything as the old one did, only marginally faster, is not a good enough reason to justify its purchase.

What about My Old Phone?

If your cell phone is really outdated or malfunctioning, and you are desperate to upgrade to a better one, it is your job to dispose of it in the most responsible manner, by recycling. Companies like TechForward, Gazelle, or ReCellular will pay to take these phones off your hands, and sell them as refurbished models. Some cell phones manufacturers are doing the same thing.

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