The Somoto Toolbar

Other than email, what do you do online? If I were to ask this question to a thousand people some of the recurring responses would be:

1)   I read news online

2)   I find out about the weather conditions

3)   I interact with my friends on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks.

But, hold on a minute! Hw exactly do you achieve all those objectives? The answer is plain and simple, you have a  routine of visiting one website after another. First it is Google, maybe Yahoo, then the local new website, then Facebook, Twitter, and what not. Not to mention hotmail, gmail, yahoo mail, and the like

If you find yourself repeatedly visiting the same websites, don’t you think it is time to automate that process? Do you not think that there should be a one stop control panel where you can see and visit your favorite destinations? What if there was one place which would lead you to most of your preferred destinations and also make many of them redundant.

Thankfully, and I am sure you will be surprised by this, there is a method. You can simply get a toolbar that has all the right buttons and information on it. Seems like a utopian idea? Do you think it cannot be done? Well, think again, for it has already been done.

I am talking about the Somoto toolbar. One visit to the link that I just gave you and you will know what you have been missing all along. You know that every time one feels that technology has reached its pinnacle, it just goes ahead and does something else that is cooler 🙂 (I do not usually like to include smilies on this serious tech blog, but sometimes it is definitely required — this is one of thise times)

Anyway, we should be grateful to Somoto Inc for bringing us such an elegant piece of software. In one master stroke they help us take care of our navigational stree. The Somoto toolbar has no adware and the manufacturer assures us that it is 100% secure. That puts me at ease. Additionally, it has a bunch of pretty neat features:

1)   You can configure your email accounts on most popular services right in the toolbar. That way, you can access your inbox with just a click, now how cool is that?

2)   In terms of traffic, the top news sites that get more than 90% of all the online new traffic globally are linked to from the toolbar directly. No more typing website domain names, or visiting search engine. Want to visit CNN, BBC, Google News, Yahoo News and the like? Well, just click here, i.e., click the appropriate button on the Somoto toolbar.

3)   I like this one the most. You can actually have all your social media accounts linked directly from this toolbar. Just with one click, you are on your Facebook page, or twitter page, or wherever. For the social media enthusiast, that is a real treat

So, I will continue being the best of the Internet to you. While you go ahead and try out my suggestions. I am confident that you will not be sorry.