Full Disk Fighter- For Complete Hard Disk Maintenance

The computer stores garbage files and other forms of useless items on your hard disk every time you use your PC. These files are useless and eat upspaces from your system drive and eventually your PC will slow down. So it is recommended that you remove all these files from your hard disk drive for sake of a better performance. Full disk fighter is brand new disk maintenance software that recovers disk space by detecting and removing garbage temporary files, duplicate files.

Full disk fighter is comprehensive disk management software which is integrated with for essential tools in one installation. It is a well known fact that when the hard disk drive is near about its full capacity, it slows down the computer. This is because the computer stores temporary files to your system drive and over time if these are not deleted they pile up into the drive and consumes a fair amount of space. This is where Full disk fighter comes into play.

The software recovers your disk space and helps your PC to work faster. You may think that regular programs like CCleaner can keep your system junk free but full disk fighter just don’t recovers your system but also analyzes, defragments and optimizes. Besides it finds out the duplicate and large files that are eats up a considerable amount of space.

The software costs just 9.99 dollars. It has some unique features like you can search junk files of particular extension (.log, thumbs.db .bak etc.). You may also search for junk files in a particular folder *(like iTunes folder). Pretty impressive isn’t it? So download the trial version right now and enjoy a faster computer experience!!


  1. steven papas
    Feb 12, 2011

    thanks Navid, I didn’t know this software. I use a registry cleaner myself. PCs tend to pile up a lot of clutter which makes them slow down.

  2. Vibin
    Feb 12, 2011

    9.99 $ is really affordable !

  3. Saksham Talwar
    Feb 12, 2011

    Its quite a good price.