7 Free To Download Games For Windows 7

Those who love to play games and looking for completely free games for Windows 7 this blog is especially for you. We are going to be introduced today to some of the best and most fun Windows 7 games for getting you started with your time pass.

All of the games given below are totally free downloads, although there may be things to purchase in game.

Board, Card & Casino Games:

OwnTheCards: You can set up the most popular Texas Hold ‘Em games just for your friends with rules of your choice for free.

Patience: There are almost two hundred various solitaire and card games right in front of you from the common to the very obscure.

Randy Vandermolen Slot Machine: It is nothing but one of the simple slot machine games if you just cannot get enough of watching wheels spin.
First Person Shooters:

Alien Arena: This game is featured with60 levels, nine weapons, six player characters, six game play modes, and an in-game server browser as well as IRC client.

AlienXcape: This win 7 game is created with Direct X 10 support, the game has multiple weapons, ability to save and load games and multiple levels also.

Puzzle Games:

Magic Reversi: One can play this funny game on an animated board that offers hints and allows you to play against people on your LAN or across the Internet or World Wide Web.

Minefield 6D: One of the beauties of this game is to move on from the old Minesweeper to a game of hidden mines that are hidden in a multi-dimensional game board.

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  1. malay majumder
    Jul 20, 2011

    why i can’t install the game, i have to install the game