Facebook Privacy Basics

Image for techfume.comI guess I am one of those people whose online life can be best described by the words “Facebook” and Google. To be honest, whenever I go online, the first site I’d get into would be Facebook followed by a lot of Google searches-news, updates, movie tips, recipes, and well, even a Hollywood gossip or two. And I am sure that I am not alone among the ranks of whose online range is dominated by these two websites.

Well, had it not been for Facebook’s popularity, I would have not been too involved in the online world. In fact, I was at first hesitant to sign up, as I thought I’d benefit nothing from it. But when almost everyone around me has been asking why I do not exist at Facebook, I gave the networking site a try and got hooked. Today, I use the site to reconnect with friends who moved out of the neighborhood, communicate with my colleagues, and even share the many photos I have taken in my travel.

Recently, I have been hearing and reading remarks about how Facebook had been having a lot of privacy issues among its users. I heard a lot of friends posting that they were wondering how for some reason, their current privacy settings seem to have been automatically changed without their permission. Also, a lot had been on the rant how product promotional links have been flooding their newsfeed recently, how their profiles mutated all of sudden into one with a “public setting”, and how Facebook have posted on their behalf without them remembering clicking on some links or two. And ofcourse, who would forget the frustration over the new messenger.

Though I haven’t experienced these problems lately, I can say that somehow, I can relate to these users when they say that these issues have made Facebook a lot complicated. Today, things have become a bit demanding on Facebook. Not to mention the overwhelming updates from time to time, such as the messenger. Despite these glitches, I am glad that Facebook have found a way to address the problem by launching this so called Privacy Basics.

Facebook’s Privacy Basic is dedicated to answering common questions that user post regarding Facebook’s privacy options.

Basically the site answers three basic questions: What others see about you, how others interact with you, and what you see. Under “what others see about you”, you are taught the basics of making posts, deleting posts, limiting what you share on your profile, managing your friends list, search options, likes and comments, tagging, as well as account deletion and deactivation.

As for “how others interact with you” the interactive site gives an overview on how you limit the things placed on your timeline, untagging, clocking other users, as well as login suggestions.

While the section “what you see” deals about ads and your newsfeed as well.

Released last November 13, 204, Facebook people said that this was their step to respond to the privacy worries that has been bothering their users. According to them, they have structured this to their users’ advantage allowing the users to take full-control of all the aspects of their Facebook account.

Also, it was stated that this step was undertaken as a preparation for some changes that are expected to come into play in the following months over Facebook- mostly involving on-site purchases and ads.

If you wish to access the full site, try the interactive interface, and learn more about the Facebook Privacy Basics, you may access it at facebook.com/about/basics.

Facebook’s step may be a way to sort of warn us about approaching changes on the site features as well as the site’s policies. At this point, it would be really helpful if we stay informed on these technology developments, after all technology is an ever evolving field.

The author is a self-proclaimed Facebook-addict who gets withdrawal syndromes should she not be able to log in at least thrice a day.