Apple and ARM Holdings will soon control the world of communication

I’m an avid new tech follower and am always on the lookout for the next big thing that will change our home lives and Digital Out Of Home Signage (DOOH). Well I think I’m on to something!…

One area of technology development that has not lived up to the Tomorrow’s World hype (A UK TV series that documented the future of technology and how it will affect our lives) has been that of connectivity and truly strategically led integrated communication. I remember watching Tomorrow’s World as, amongst other things, it promised me cookers that knew when I was due home and cooked my food ready on arrival, refrigerators that reordered my food and would alter the rooms ambience on my arrival.

Now whilst the above is still a good few years off; I do see Smartphone’s & Tablet’s enabling a lot more interaction with our home appliances and out of home advertising displays.

What will make this possible is the current development in chips and technology usage.

The chip manufacturer, ARM Holdings, just last week unveiled new super energy efficient microprocessors that will ’empower’ devices, that does more than just speeding up PC’s, to take control of your home and DOOH.

ARM Holdings stated they expect everything from white goods to signage to benefit from the innovation. ARM have licensed the technology to NXP Semiconductors and Freescale. These major players will in turn see that these decent low power chips with wireless capabilities are built in to home and out of home units over the coming years.

And what comes with decent chips and wireless capabilities built in? Answer: the ability for them to be controlled by Apps (more mobile phones for the home and tablets for DOOH).

We already see many systems controlled by Apps such as home lights (Schlage), Your TV (slingbox & Sky), burglar alarm (CPI security), your car (Zipcar rental), security camera (Lextech global services) and sound system (Sonos) so why not other appliances and communication devices?

With smarter ARM based chips in signage systems we start to take full advantage / reflect the economies of a fully integrated DOOH supply chain for media creation, management, connectivity and presentation.

Digital signage is evolving from one-way, non-interactive beyond two-way interactive to become more integrated with different solutions and if it can touch multiple departments (sales, Comms, HR, contact centers, etc) then time and budgets will follow along with strategic communication intent. The ARM chips coupled with wireless connectivity are both cost effective and will help answer the question of how the hell do you connect/ control everything!?

Ad based networks seeking out of home ads could become the Outernet and really start to tap into Internet ad budgets and wrestle back even more of the ad spend that was lost a decade ago.

Exciting times ahead!