Affordable and Reliable Hosting by ServerClub

In the past, whenever I have purchased affordable web site hosting, I have made sure that I get the best technology, for the lowest price. And I think that is very necessary to be able to make sense of any business opportunity that you wish to pursue on the web. Of course, it could be argued that hosting is a commodity offering, and I would tend to agree with that.

But despite the commodity nature of hosting as a service, I think that there is at least one aspect that many people, even I, have often ignored. And that is one that relates to customer service. On the one hand customers usually do not need to lean heavily on customer support: be it billing support or technical support. On the other hand, if you do have to rely on customer support, that means that you are stuck in a hole.

And if you are in a hole, i.e., in a bad situation, then my question is: Is your provider of the dedicated web server in a position to meet your requirements? In most cases, you would expect the response to be “Yes.” But in my experience, in most cases, the answer ends up being a resounding, “No!”

And you know why that is the case. It is because there are many highly unreliable hosting providers up there. They are only interested in providing the absolute basic service to their customers, and nothing more. So, their customer service is largely limited to providing pre-sales service so that more customers end up buying their hosting. And once you have tied in the hosting, they will offer you amazing prices to tie you in for the long term. And once that is done, you are stuck.

That is why I recommend that you follow any of the links that I gave you in this post. They take you to ServerClub. It is one of the service providers I recommend.