Friends, this is Saksham Talwar here, the administrator of Blogging Junction or as I call myself CEO of Blogging Junction! You can call me just by name Saksham.

I’m 16 years old and I’m a student by profession currently studying in 12th standard at SRJC College of Science. Blogging is just my part time hobby and still I manage to pocket thousands of dollars each month by guest blogging, affiliate marketing, Adsense, Blog Sponsors, etc. and I’m proud of myself! 😉

Saksham Talwar’s Blogs:

Blogging Junction: Blogging Junction has been online since August 2009. At Blogging Junction as most of you know, I share blogging tips, SEO tips, social media tips, advertising tips, make money online tips and lots more. At Blogging Junction we cover almost everything related to blogging and webmasters. My motive here is to learn and to share!

Tech Fume: Tech Fume was launched in July 2010 when I decided to free Blogging Junction of technology sector. At Tech Fume you can find everything related to technology like gadget reviews, mobile news, software reviews and updates, computers, internet, web 2.0, technology tips and tricks and lots more. In short Tech Fume is the ultimate technology resource!

Snatch Us: Snatch Us, my future brand which is still under construction. In future when it will be launched you will find all our blogs there. It will be like showcase of our blog. We will also offer web services like advertising services, marketing services, promotional services, etc. Stay tuned for its launch!

These are some of the blogs and sites I own. I suggest and request you all to visit them and share your views on them.

Saksham Talwar’s Major Earnings:

  • Guest Blogging
  • Blog Sponsors
  • Affiliate Marketing

Guest Blogging: I offer guest blogging services and my earnings from guest blogging contribute to majority of my monthly earnings.

Blog Sponsors: This is another area which earns me hundreds of dollars each month. I earn by selling ad spots, doing paid reviews, etc.

Affiliate Marketing: I also earn by affiliate marketing. I promote some useful products via my blog and other sources and they also contribute to my earnings.

These are some of the ways through which I earn!

Do share your views on my blogs with me and keep in touch! 🙂