7 Ways to Make Money Online

There are so many ways to make money online today that it would take a book to cover them all. Here are a few to get the gears turning. If you apply yourself to each one, you can make an income that you can live on. Be persistent! Be organized! Do not be foolish.

Simple Tasks

A few minutes here and a few minutes there and you lose 1-3 hours a day that you could be using to earn extra money. Reclaim these lost hours by completing a few tasks here and there. These are fun ones. You can get paid for free trials of services, canceling before the first charge hits your credit card. Pay close attention, though. There may be a minimum number of days notice required before the cancellation of the services you signed up for takes effect.

Article Writing – Revenue Sharing

There really are many sites that allow you to earn money based on many different models for writing articles. Revenue sharing is one of the most popular. The trick is that you must know something about SEO in order to draw traffic to your articles. Then you get a share of the revenue kicked back to you. It is not an easy way, but you can make a bit of small money and have fun doing it.

Take Surveys

Some sites will pay you to take surveys or to tell them your opinions about various topics. They do not pay much, but it is some pocket money. Whether or not you are eligible to take certain surveys may depend on your geographic location or other demographic factors determined by a biographic questionnaire you may be required to fill out when you sign up. Never pay money to sign up for such sites, though.

Design and Sell Items

There are a gazillion t-shirt creation websites that allow you to design and sell your own t-shirts. They drop ship the t-shirts to your customers without mentioning their own company’s name. You can even set up an account with some companies to create graphic designs and sell them on coffee cups, hats, handbags, etc… Many companies do this with their logos. If you market these right, you can bring in a small, but respectable amount of money.

Bookmarking – Revenue Sharing

If you cannot write articles in English well, you can surf and bookmark. This can earn you revenue share as high as 80% with some bookmarking sites. If you are careful and persistent, working everyday at it, you can earn real money.

Lending Money

Yes, you read correctly. Use your money to become a private lender. You can help someone with their project and avoid the banks, while making money for yourself. Interest rates are usually quite attractive and there are safe guards in place to protect your cash. You can earn as high as 18% interest and start with as little as $25 investment. This is a good way to get your money earning money without dealing with those evil banks.

Advice and Answers

Perhaps you have a lot of experience, knowledge, and wisdom you would like to share with others. Do not just give it away. Get paid for it. Usually, these sites pay the money to the top answer. So it is an intellectual competition of sorts.

The Final Word

These six means for bringing in money provide a wide array of activities. If you employ all of them, your income will be padded quite well and you might even be able to eventually quit your day job. As with any venture, persistence pays off, as does organization.