4 Facebook security settings That Everyone needs to follow..!

Facebook is the No-1 social networking website till now and it is doing lot better than the twitter and Google +. But being such reputed site, Facebook is always a target for Black hat hackers all around the world. Out of millions of Facebook accounts, thousands are getting hacked each day for different reasons.

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More than 300 Million searches are going on Google regarding “hacking Facebook account”  People are trying to hack Facebook for many reasons, here are few…

Why do people hack others Facebook Account

  • To Prank their friends
  • To spy and check Girl friends/Wife’s conversations ( I guess this is the reason in most of the cases 😉 )
  • To check the Conversations of Employee’s…Etc

There are many security measure that your need to follow to make your account secure. Even Facebook has provided us few security settings which help us a lot in improving our security on Facebook  Here are those settings, go though the info about all the settings given below.

4 Tips for better security on Facebook


1. Turn your secure Browsing ON

I used to see many Applications on Facebook asking you to disable the secure browsing. and only after disabling secure browsing  they will work. But I recommend you not to use such application. Even if you use that turn your secure browsing ON after that. You might wonder why i am suggesting you this..! Well let me explain you in detail…
There are some tools in hacking which can steal your cookies, if once someone is successful in getting your cookie, then they can log in into your Facebook account without any usage of USERNAME and PASSWORD…!This is possible in all Local area networks and in WiFi connections.

So if you enable secure browsing, it will let you to browse in HTTPS instead of HTTP, so that your data will be encrypted and you can save your account from getting hacked

How to enable secure browsing in Facebook


  1. Click on the small button beside the HOME button and click on  Account settings.
  2. Select SECURITY from the list on the left side the page
  3. Click on EDIT of SECURE BROWSING, enable it and save your settings. So from now you can always browse on secure settings so that none can capture your cookies.

2. Change your passwords regularly

Changing your password often may help you in many cases, For example

  1.  You someone is using your Facebook account by stealing your cookies, if you change your password then they will be no loner in access to your account
  2.  If some of your friends know your password then, changing your password will block their access to your account

So it is recommended to change your password regularly

How to change Facebook Password of your account



  1. Click on the small button beside the HOME button and click on Account settings.
  2. On that page click on EDIT of PASSWORD, fill the boxes over there and you your password will be changed instantly.

 3. Enable Notifications when someone logged into your account

I love this particular setting in Facebook.  This will allows you to get a Mobile message or an email notification, when someone logged into your Facebook account from any other Unrecognized devices..!It will really help you a lot and to take instant action when someone hacked your account.

TO enable Log in notification follows the steps below



  1. Click on the small button beside the HOME button and click on Account settings.
  2. Select SECURITY from the list on the left side the page
  3. Enable text/email log in notifications and it will work fine

4. Create an App password

Some applications will ask you to enter Facebook password, and many of them are intended to hack your Facebook account, so instead of that you can set a spate password of the apps so that your Facebook account will remain safe.Go to security settings and there you will find the option to create an apps password.

By following all these setting you can make your account lot more times secure than normally it is. Get in touch with us so that we will make your aware of new Facebook settings too in upcoming posts.