5 Advantages Of Single Sim Phone Vs Dual Sim Phone

What is a SIM?SIM Cards

SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module card that which is the key for the portability of your mobile. The SIM from a mobile service provider will be able to secure your data and identify yourself over the network and connects you with people whom you want. This is the key to operate your mobile phone, and there are two types of mobile phones: Single SIM and a dual SIM mobile phone.

Single SIM Versus Dual SIM:

Single SIM mobile phones are those that use only a single SIM at a time, and dual SIM mobile phones are those that can operate on two SIM cards. In dual SIM card mobile phones, if one of the SIM card remains inactive while the other one is active, then is known as Standby Dual SIM phone, and if both the cards are active concurrently, then is known as Active Dual SIM mobile phone.

Advantages of Single SIM Mobile Phone:

This looks like that Dual SIM mobile phones are much advantageous, but in reality, there a number of limitations in using the mobile the phone.

1.) Single SIM mobile phones do not support the accessibility to put both the SIM on the same phone. This comes handy when your phone fails or is damaged or stolen, that you at the least have the other SIM in your hand. The extra SIM may or may not contain all of the information stored in the other SIM, but you can always restore part of the information from this SIM, and especially is have not backed up on the network of the stolen SIM service provider. At this instance, even the replacement SIM cannot come in handy like the other SIM in your hand.

2.) The price charge of a Dual SIM phone goes much higher than usual, and in comparison, having a basic phone on the other SIM is much cheaper than having a Dual SIM, which comes with the disadvantage of paying more.

3.) When you are using a dual SIM phone, you will also find losing one or the other features, especially in connectivity solutions that is why I prefer a single SIM phone. You will not be able to connect to both the SIM, probably will not be the case when you use a single SIM phone, where you can be on the go, while you are also on with the other mobile handset.

4.) You will be switching off both the SIM when you want to switch the mobile off. Therefore, this is much better two have two single SIM phones, that you have the option of being on in one when the other goes off, or the battery goes down in one or the other, you will always be available in one or the other phone.

5.) Single SIM mobile phones are much versatile and are available with a wide range of options that you can decide to choose from, which is not possible with a dual SIM phone, in which there are technological limitations. In other words, technological limitations are much lesser in Single SIM phones.

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  1. Tarita
    May 24, 2011

    great information……dual SIM phones also save environment……